Meet the Staff



Lolly, CEO (Canine Executive Officer)

Lolly has had a very important role in Original Sock Dogs from the beginning. Since 2005, she has been providing moral support, artistic inspiration and various modeling services. (She is an awesome nose model, btw...)


Ava, VP of Reality Checks

Ava is highly skilled at pressing her head into my legs and reminding me it is way past time for a walk. Or a treat. Or just a little loving. She keeps me from getting lost in my work, and reminds me to get out once in a while!

Cora, Keeper of the Mission (and Comic Relief)

Cora is my constant reminder of Original Sock Dogs' purpose. She was a death row rescue. I picked her up at Animal Control "just to foster" and fell in love. She is one sweet and hilarious hippo.


Nora, Boss Lady

If Nora could operate a sewing machine, she would be in charge. Until that day, I will have to press on.

Roo, the New Kid

Over the summer (2017), I fostered four kittens. I should have know I wouldn't get out of this without adding another fur kid to the pack! Especially this boy. He was terrified of everyone and everything, but with a bunch of TLC and a little time and space, he learned that he was safe and loved. We officially adopted him in August. He has my heart!