Unleashed Pet of the Week: CRIDER

    Unleashed Pet of the Week: CRIDER

    I'm choosing Crider for the very first OSD Pet of the Week for a few reasons. Mainly because he's been waiting for three plus years at the shelter, and also because as a mom to a black pittie myself, I'm just a little bit partial. ;)
    Here's some info about this gorgeous guy!

    Personal Interests:
    Stuffed animals
    The color pink
    Going for walks
    Ice cream

    Sweet Crider has been in and out of the shelter going back to 2015. Even though he loves everyone at the shelter, he would really like his own home.

    Crider loves kids!

    He would prefer to be the only pet in the house. He needs an active family or person. Someone to take him on runs and walks. He is not a dog park dog, but he would love to go on a hike or walk in the woods. He loves his toys.


    "I told Crider that Mondays are magical, and he could be whatever he wanted to be, so he decided he wanted to be Curious George's man friend."

    "I just love my time with Crider. I got him to pose for a few pictures and then tried a few selfies. Every time I tried to take one, I would get tons of kisses. I really wish everyone could see his sweet and goofy side. We stopped another time for some loving , and he rolled over wanted me to rub his belly."


    JANUARY 20, 2018

    "Hey, Crider here. Let me tell you, I had a pretty great morning. My little buddy came to visit me today. We went on a nice long walk. Then she surprised me with lunch. She brought me a peanut butter sandwich, a cheese stick, and these cool things called veggie straws. Boy, are they yummy. I was so happy! Then I decided to roll around in the mud and wiggled my sweater off. After my buddies, cleaned me off they took me for ice cream! I waited very patiently until it came. I love ice cream. I had a fantastic time."


    Crider also asked me to share his letter to Santa from this past Christmas. He's still waiting for Santa to come through. :(

    Dear Santa,
    Hey, it's me Crider. I know you are busy getting all the toys ready for the good boys and girls. I wanted to let you know that all I really want for Christmas is a forever home. I have been waiting 3 years now. I almost had one a few times, but it didn't work out. I really, really, really, want one this year. I have tried to be a good boy. Don't misunderstand me, I love the people at Unleashed that take care of me. They bring me toys, bones, take me for walks and even get me ice cream. But it isn't the same as having my own family. I see lots of other dogs get that unconditional love and would really love it too. Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can just picture it. I would go on walk or runs every day. I would have someone to play with. I would crawl up on the couch and just chill at night. I would be loved no matter what forever. That is all I want for Christmas. I'll be here at Unleashed Pet Rescue waiting.

    If you know someone in the Kansas City area who is interested in giving this awesome boy a forever home, please contact Unleashed Pet Rescue: 


    (913) 831-7387

    Crider's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/criderofunleashed/

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