Unleashed Pet of the Week: CATERPILLAR

    Unleashed Pet of the Week: CATERPILLAR

    Have you ever seen a more delicious pittie? I mean LOOK at those feet and those wrinkles and that mooshy face! I'm seriously in love with this guy and am SO hoping he will find his home soon. 

    Caterpillar at Unleashed Pet Rescue, male pitbull, adopt, rescue dog

    Caterpillar had a very rough start in his 4 year life. It's suspected that he was used in dog fighting in the Kansas City area, and he was on the losing end, since he doesn't have an aggressive bone in his chunky bod. Luckily for him, he and his battle scars found their way to Unleashed Pet Rescue, where he got a foster home and a bunch of TLC.

    Here is a VIDEO of Danielle, Unleashed's fearless and compassionate leader, introducing him (just click the link). She is SO good at sharing these guys.

    The photo below shows him when he was picked up from Animal Control, and then just 14 days later after being loved and cared for. Can you see the change in his eyes? There is hope!

    Before and After, dog rescue, pitbull lovers

    I asked one of his favorite volunteers what she wanted people to know about this special boy. She said, simply, "Despite whatever torture and cruelty he saw in his past.... he loves people." Amazing, isn't it? 

    Check out this VIDEO of him padding around with his buddy, Cris (Click the link. You don't want to miss this adora-bull-ness)!

    Caterpillar would do well in a home with older kids (8+) and likes other dogs too, but would need a slow introduction so they can all adjust to each other. (That's the protocol for bringing home ANY new dog, really.)

    Pitbull photo gallery, adoptable pitbull

    If you are in the KC area and would like to adopt Caterpillar, contact unleashedadoptions@gmail.com

    Please share this post so we can get the word out about this handsome dude! And as always, consider fostering, volunteering or donating to your local shelter. The rewards are endless!

    Unleashed Pet Rescue, Pitbull Dog, Pittie, Staffie, cute pitbull

    "Thank you, friends!"


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    This boy is adorable!! So deserving of an amazing forever home.


    Awww Stacey! That’s so nice of you to write this, he’s a ham! :D

    Kristen Lopez

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