custom cartoon pet portrait

    A fun cartoon pet request!

    I had a really creative request over the's the short version:

    Puma (black cat): "He should look kind of sweet, sleepy, and mushy."

    Tilly (gray tabby): "She is spastic, bizarre, super cuddly, and super soft. Can you draw her with like a light saber or something?"

    Kenya: "She should look beautiful and regal and should have like a flower on her collar."

    And here is the result:

    custom cartoon cat pet portrait

    The mom of this trio wanted an 8x10 image so she could put it on her wall. My default size is 6"x6" but I can definitely size it up a bit if you need it larger! 

    I'm using an actual sketchbook, and then Sketchbook Pro to do these custom cartoons. I've never really liked Photoshop, although my designer husband is on my case about using it, and Illustrator and I are arch enemies. 

    But I seriously love Sketchbook Pro. It makes sense to me and allows me to draw the way I want to!

    Cartoon pet portraits start at only $20, and you will have your final illustration in only TWO days! I would love to draw your fur kids for you!

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