Adoptable Pets of the Week: Johnny Castle and Baby Houseman

    Adoptable Pets of the Week: Johnny Castle and Baby Houseman

    Continuing to highlight some of the bonded pairs at Unleashed, I was going to post about these two cuties this week...

    Tiger Lily and Tinker Belle are bonded mother and daughter Lab mixes. 

    They were brought to the shelter by a good Samaritan who found them. One had fish hooks stuck in her leg and lip! Who knows how that happened...

    But guess what? These girls were adopted last week! They have a home where they will be absolutely adored. Don't you just love it?

    SO, a week early, here's a look at another bonded pair at Unleashed.

    Johnny Castle, a 5 year old male Retriever/Lab mix and Baby Houseman, a 1 year old female German Shepherd Mix, were strays in Kansas City, Kansas. They found each other during their rough lives on the street, and became inseparable.

    Johnny Castle


    Baby Houseman

    Now at Unleashed, they are learning that humans can be kind, and will eventually be ready for their forever home together.

    Please share these two BFFs, and be part of the effort to get them a forever home. And if you are interested in giving them a home yourself, just contact Unleashed Pet Rescue:


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