Adoptable Pets of the Week: Bonded Pair Roy & Lee

    Adoptable Pets of the Week: Bonded Pair Roy & Lee


    For the next few weeks, I'll be highlighting some bonded pairs at Unleashed Pet Rescue that must be adopted together.

    For whatever reason, bonded pairs of dogs (dogs emotionally attached to each other) thrive together. Their personalities may be similar or completely opposite, but they enhance each other. They also depend on each other when navigating new or uncertain circumstances.

    One of the pair is usually more outgoing, but they sometimes alternate. Often they keep each other busier and happier.

    When separated, they can experience anxiety, severe grief, depression, and/or destructive behaviors.   

    Bonded pairs are harder for shelters to place with adopters because many people have dogs and are not considering adding two new dogs to their home. Or, people fall in love with the more outgoing of the pair, and have reservations about the more reserved pup.

    Taking in a bonded pair is a decision that the shelter never takes lightly, for these reasons.

    Roy & Lee are bonded 9 year old chihuahua mixes who came to the shelter as ferals. (Free-ranging dogs who are allowed to come and go by their owners, and generally are on their own.) These two are known and loved for wiggling their little bodies with excitement! But when they arrived at Unleashed, both were fearful and cowered in the corner. 

    After months in a loving foster home, they finally began to trust and interact with their humans. They were adopted, but for an unknown reason, they were abandoned at a local animal control!

    Since returning to Unleashed, they still wiggle at familiar people and continue to allow their unique personalities to emerge. Recently, it was discovered that Roy can sit up on his hind legs for a record breaking amount of time--such talent! They both continue to show some feral tendencies (not looking for snuggles and kisses), but at the same time they want to be near the people they love. 

    They run around with their tails wagging, curiously watching the action around them. These two would be perfect for a low key household, where they can both be appreciated for the unique little souls they are, and are allowed to finally relax and know they are home, together!

    If you are interested in adopting these two little love nuggets, just email Unleashed Pet Rescue: or call (913)-831-PETS.

    Also, please share this post so we can get these two seen by more Chihuahua lovers out there!

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