Adoptable Pet of the Week: Zenobia ("Zobey")

Meet Zenobia, or "Zobey" for short! She's doing great now, and is ready to find her forever home. But when she first came to Unleashed...
Zobey arrived at the rescue in December 2017, and was terribly neglected and so weak and emaciated, she wasn't able to lift her head.  Danielle Reno, director at Unleashed, sent out this message to shelter supporters:
" The pictures are shocking. They’re nothing short of horrific, but they’re true. This is life as Zobey knows it....just not for long. Only Zobey knows Zobey’s story. But what we do know is: A citizen brought her to Unleashed and said that they found her in this condition. Zobey has so much more she would like to say, but isn’t talking. This baby has been starved to brink of death. I’ve never seen anything like this in my ENTIRE LIFE. Too weak to stand or even hold her head up when she came in, we thought for sure it was her last couple of breaths. 
But we aren’t giving up, and neither is she!!! Zobey was taken to the emergency vet and later to Dr. Peggy. All of her blood work is normal. The diagnosis: starvation!!! Zobey should be 60 pounds and she was 29 POUNDS last week!!!!!
But through all this, you can still see the forgiveness in her eyes. You can see the love she wants to give. You can see the happy, playful, spunky puppy that she yearns to be one day."
The caring staff and volunteers at Unleashed jumped into action and started nursing this sweet girl back to health. They made sure she was fed appropriately to gradually gain her weight back, and even gave her some extra (cute) clothing to help her keep warm.
They found a terrific foster home for her, where she continues to learn about kindness, and she is thriving (and being just a little bit silly)!
Her devoted foster mom, Shirley, writes: " She is perfectly house trained. She is fine with cats and dogs with proper intro. She can be growly with other dogs at first but has never acted on it. Same with toys and sticks....she’ll playfully growl but allows anyone to take it away. I don’t know how she is with kids but I don’t have any worries. She knows sit, down and kennel. She loves to be w/ her people!!! While she’s left alone in her bed room kenneled/unkenneled she whines but not for long! We play spa music for her in her room and it soothes her. She requires a diet that doesn’t include poultry, fish, corn, rice or milk!"
Zobey is ready and waiting to find her forever home. Is it with you?
If you are interested in adopting Zenobia (Zobey) please contact:
Or call Unleashed:
(913) 831- PETS

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