Adoptable Pet of the Week: Leo

    Adoptable Pet of the Week: Leo


    How's this for heartbreaking? At 9 years old, Leo was dumped at the shelter by his family, due to "allergies". I'm not sure why it took NINE years for them to realize they had allergies, but whatever their reasons were, it was very hard on this handsome, sensitive boy.

    Leo developed severe anxiety almost immediately in his new, unfamiliar surroundings. Fortunately, the caring staff at UPR realized this and got him into a foster home ASAP. He has calmed down a LOT and definitely is happier in a real home.

    Here's an update from Leo on his current living situation...

    "I REALLY really like to go on the humans' bed and the couch... But. This adequate foster home that saved me from the shelter...they don't let me and foster siblings on the bed or couch. I mean, I jump up when they're not looking, and the English Setter dude Jester, tilts his head at me and goes "nope, not here". I ignore him and then the humans make me get off. That's cool, I can learn that. But maybe someone's out there who is good with my clean self hanging on the furniture."

    Leo is very gentle and loves to be loved. He's pretty mellow but will play if you want him to! He is great with kids, too. He likes to crawl under the covers but leave his butt sticking out and he dances for his dinner. Adorable!
    If all of this sounds like a good match to you, contact Unleashed Pet Rescue today and ask for Leo. And visit his Facebook page!

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